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TopVisit - Regolamento.

General terms and conditions:
   * No multiply accouns! Particulary, you may not register multiple accounts to promote a single site. All the multiply accounts will be deleted.
   * Point - a unit of TopVisit internal payment system. As any unit of payment, points may be used for various purposes. The possession of points does not imply the provision of any services.
   * When Spamming in any of it's form with your TopVisit username, your account will be deleted without any notice.
   * In case of service rules violation, administration decide at its discretion, to impose a fine on the account or delete it. Decision of the administration is not appealable. Deleted account can not be restored. Funds or resources of any kind on deleted account or otherwise attached to it, or spent this account, can not be recovered or restored.
   * If the sum of fine imposed by Administration, more than amount of points, available for member at the moment of the fine imposition, member is given 10 days to increase the amount of points, necessary to write off the fines, after which member pays a penalty with a special account option. In case of delayed payment of a fine, account is to be deleted, and all the promoted sites are added to black-list.
   * If you have unpaid fines, some of your account options may be unavailable. The impressions of all the promoted sites may be also suspended.
   * Claims on TopVisit service are considered in condition of filing of the claim not later than two weeks after the onset of the claim subject. Consideration of claims filed in violation of these dates are not guaranteed, and any loss arising as a result of this - not compensated.
   * Any transactions committed by TopVisit service, using successfully authenticated user data is considered committed by the owner of the account. Any transaction, committed by owner of the account are not subject to cancellation of transaction, if it does not provide an appropriate interface. Any transaction by account may be committed by the owner of the account only after the passage of the authorization on our site.
   * The system is provided "as is". Member has no right to require modifications of service administration. If member don't like the service, he/she has the right to apply for deleting his/her account.
   * For Self-deleting of your account, you must be an authorized member to send the request for deleting your account via the customer support contact form.
   * Overselling accounts is prohibited!
   * Using of any programs, scripts or other means, have not been tested and approved by TopVisit Administration, for access to member accounts and perform automatic operations is prohibited. The establishment of parasitic (in our opinion) overloads of the server by performing a large number of transactions with account is prohibited. In case of significant difference in the number of account operations of the average system index, account can be fined or deleted. Each call to the user account is considered an operation.
   * Inactive members will be deleted. Member is considered inactive in case if he/she has not been logged into account within 6 months. A month before the supposed delete, member will be notified via Email. If the member operate any services (site impressions, banners, etc.), he/she is considered active.
   * There is prohibited to install or run the SafeSurf program without the consent or acquiescence of the owner of the computer on which you install or run the program.
   * You can have one account in each partner system, provided that these accounts do not have direct or indirect referral relations.
   * Separate service sections may complement and update these terms. Terms of sections have priority over the general service rules, in case of contradictions.
   * Any deviation of the existing rules should be agreed with the administration until the detection of such deviations.
   * We reserve the right to change this terms at any time without notice.
   * TopVisit Administration is not responsible for any consequences of using the system.
   * By the fact of registration in TopVisit service, you signify your unconditional acceptance of these rules.



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