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You have created an informative site with the perfecr design, but noone visit it?
That's because noone knows about it's existence! With the help of our service, you'll get visitors immediately! Your resource will know millions of our service customers and not only. And thanks to our banner network, your promotion materials will be impressed on other sites. The best sites of the Web! TopVisit service - is the undisputed leader in the field of site promotion!
TopVisit customers, and so, your site potential visitors, has the following differences, which are tangible benefits:
   * Wide experience of finding the Web: our service customers arenot newbies in the web - in fact, they were able to sign in and earn points from us, and therefore will be able to order your service and goods.
   * Solvency: our service customers have experience of using payment systems. For example, WebMoney Transfer. And that means, they are realy able to order your goods and service!
   * Curiosity and openness: our members is interested in visiting different kind of sites, including yours. The right and interested audience will visit your project.
These people will visit your site, and a lot of them, will be happy to come and watch your resource and again. Promotion with TopVisit - is the best coice of new generation!
Why TopVisit?
Choose our service for promotion. Your site will have:
   * Fame and popularity: visitors will learn what a company or a project, this website presents. What's a company or project objective. Remember your brand and style of the company. This will make you well-known and recognized in the circles of customers.
   * Traffic fron ranks: each new visitor to your site - is growing in ratings, so your site will be attendable by people who use the rating system to find the useful resources. Increases the inflow of targeted visitors, and each targeted visitor - is your potential customer! We use time-proven "HideReferer" technology, that eliminates the source of visits and the risk of being excluded from the rankings
   * Banner impressions: If your site participates in a banner network, then each visit to your site will gain additional impressions for you. And therefore more of your banners will be shown in the system, in which you participate, thus attracting more visitors to your resource. Banner networks also attract targeted visitors.
   * Attendance: Each new visitor to your site - is your potential customer. More visitors - more orders . Do not hesitate! Each second of delay means the loss of the client! Order promotion campaign right now!
System capabilities
TopVisit service offers integrated solutions in the field of web-site advertising and promotion. All modern promotion methods are combined in one service. Take advantage of them right now!
   * Active site promoution - instantaneous increase of traffic to your site to 500%!
   * 5 popular banner networks!
   * Most tech and effective Paid E-Mails on the Web.
   * Exclusive Vip-promotion features.
   * Promotion in surfing fo the lowest price!
   * "SafeSurf" - safe surfing technology.
Order TopVisit services right now!
To order promotion campaign, you need to replenish your account.
Services for advertisers:
   * Promotion campaign (purchase points)
   * VIP-Promotion
   * Advertising in surfing
   * Purchasing of referrals
   * Increasing rate from referrals
   * Purchasing of status
   * Advanced targeting settings
Purchasing of points
To start promotion campaign, that is necessary to purchase some points. 1 point - equivalent to 30-second impression for one visitor. Impressions timer can be changed from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.
You get free with purchasing of points:
   * VIP-Promotion - increase in site hits in 10 times!
   * Advanced targeting settings
   * The set of all basic system services
Cost from $0.7/1000 points. Great discounts for wholesale purchase! Profitable discounts for partners and dealers!
   * Purchase pointsnow!
Using VIP-impressions, you get impressions priority over other participants. This increaces your site hits in 5-10 times. 1 VIP-impression is equal one impression of your resource with priority, regardless of the points waiste per impression.
   * Hurry, price depends on number of users of this service!
   * Purchase points from service and get VIP-impressions as a gift!
Purchasing of referrals
TopVisit offers a simple solution! You can simply buy referrals!
Note: referral - customer, attracted by your own, and from which you earn a certain percentage of his/her earnings. The higher percentage and activity of referrals, the more points you earn!
   * For each referral with average activity higher then 50 impressions a day, you earn +1% to your rate for free
   * Purchase referrals from system
   * Purchase referrals on the stock
Increasing refferal rate.
Another unique opportunity, for some reason is missing in other systems. We have no hard limits on the percentage of referrals, increase it without limits! Earn then referrals by their own!
   * Increase rate now!
Purchasing of status
The higher your status, the more points you earn. If your activity is not so high, then you unable to get status as a gift, but quite able to purchase it!
   * Purchase status!
Advanced targeting
Order this service and get the most scalable targeting for your site - by day of week, months, hours.
   * Order!
   * Buy a credit from the system and get advanced targeting for free!



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