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TopVisit - Protezione.

Funds have been lost from your accaunt? Can't get your account? Do not know why it was happened? Maybe, you have not read this page before...
By following simple safety rules set out below, you can prevent up to 90% of the troubles associated with the penetration into your account of hackers.
   * Simple Truth. Unfortunately, even these simple rules, customers not allways follow, and that leads to sad consequences.
   * As a password, use a complex combination of letters and numbers, impossible to remember.
   * Do not store the password on a public place.
   * Do not share your password with others.
   * When you enter a password, make sure that submition is performed on www.vistaitaly.it
   * Do not use the same password for several registrations on various web sites.
   * Special service options: PIN authorization
TopVisit service has a special type of account login: PIN authorization. The essence of the method: after entering the correct username and password for sign in, to E-Mail, you specified during registration, sending a special pin-code, which you must enter with the opened window of your browser. Only in case of correct pin entry, service provides you successful access to your account.
Note: Make sure that your E-Mail is active, otherwise you will not be able to log into your account.
To enable PIN-authrization option, get your account settings
   * Special service options: disabling of capabilities
You can use another service security option - disabling some potentially dangerous features of your account. Among them: points transfer, WebMoney transfer, operations on the points stock, operations with PIN etc. Full list of currently supported functions to disable, you can find in account settings. Options can be disabled immediately, and enabled only after entering the secret pin-code, which is sending by E-Mail.
It is recommended to disable potentially dangerous options immediately after using them!
   * Automatic options lock
When you change the personal data, potentially dangerous functions are blocking for 48 hours for security purposes. Options blocking performs aotomaticaly. Also is blocking the possibility of repeated changes of personal data within 48 hours. At E-Mail, wich was set before the personal data change request, will be sent a message containing information for the restoration of account management.
Why it is necessary?
For example, hacker somehow fraudulently obtained the password to your account. If you have completed all safety requirements, described on this page, hacker simply will be unable to do anything with your account! If the invader will try to change the password, you will immediately get a new password via E-Mail. If he will try to change the E-Mail, instructions to restore the account management will be sent to your mailbox.
To restore account management, you have 48 hours. After this period, invader will be able to do with your account anything he want, and we'll be unable to help you in any way.



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