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TopVisit - FAQ.

1. What do i get, joining TopVisit service?
   - For joining in TopVisit service, you get 100 points, equal to 100 hosts (impressions) to your site. And also 1000 banner impressions of 88x31format for use in our banner network. You get the opportunity to promote your projects using the most modern methods of promotion: display site in surfing, browsing of your sites and banners on other sites. The best advertising platforms of the Web just for you!
2. May I have multiply accounts?
   - Register multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. If we'll find, all the accounts will be deleted.
3. Why system doesn't display my sites?
   - Cause you have not added them yet! Enter account, find there Sites item, and click Add site.
4. Why have I placed banners/system scripts on my site, and my points is not calculated?
   - Points are crediteded only if all the required conditions of impressions are complied: loaded graphics, flash, the site was browsed the required period of time, site is browsing not it's owner and a public proxy server is not used for browsing.
5. Do you have any limits for sites?
   - For the sites displayed in surfing, using TopVisit service, the following limitations is actual:
   * No any PopUp windows in the sites (pop-banners and other is allowed, but not windows)
   * Site must not break the system frame
   * Sites that any way interferes with automatical surfing in not permitted
  * Site, asking to add itself to favorites, set as home page (automatically), or otherwise interfere with the normal operation of the system.
  * Sites with pornographic and adult content not permitted
  * System administration has right, at its sole discretion, prohibit the promotion of a particular site.
In case of violation of any of this terms, site will be deleted, and a fine will be imposed on the owner's account. Owner will be notified via e-mail, that in case of repeated terms violations, his\her account will be deleted.
Full list of restrictions is available in terms of service.
6. I can't transfer points, till i visit (show) 100 sites, why?
   - You can not transfer points, because Registration provides you with exactly 100 points. First you need to work out, and then you can transfer them.
7. How to attract referrals?
   - For attracting referrals, you can use any means available for you, except spam. The more referrals you attract, the more points and funds you will earn.
8. Where can I place the banners?
   - Banners can be placed in any available to the user location. It is not necessary that the banners were placed on your site. For example, you can use email for distribution (not spam). All scripts of the system must be placed in a conspicuous place. On the number of banners there are limits, therefore see the rules of the banner network.
9. Is it any fee for transfer points between accounts?
   - To date, comission for transfer points is 5%.
10. Is it any fee for transfer points in banner impressions and back?
   - Answer: No, there's no comission for transfer points in banner impressions for now.
11. How can I transfer one type of banner network impressions to other?
   - Dirrect transfer is not avialable. You must transfer banner impressions to points first. And then transfer points to banner impressions of different network. For example, if you have 1000 impressions of 468 network, you transfer them to points and get 100 points. Then you transfer this 100 points in other banner network impressions, for example, 120x60, and as a result, you get 2000 banner impressions of 120x60.
12. Who is referral?
   - Referral - is person, hwo has registered by your referral link. You wil earn points, banner impressions and funds from referrals for life, under the current rate of your earnings from referrals. For example, if your current rate is 5%, then for browsing of Web-surfing on the site of your referral, he/she will earn 1 point, as you - 0.05 points. If you find this not enough, then you are allways able to increase your rate of earnings from referrals. Also, if you want to automate the process of points earning, you can purchase active referral from system. Price depends on the referral's activity, but it is not high.
13. Who is referrer and what's the difference between referral and referrer?
   - Referrer - the person, by the link of which the participant has registered in the system. For example, if someone has registered by your link, then you become a referrer for this person, and this person becomes a referral for you.
14. Why it has no sense to register multiple accounts?
   - System engine is is developed in such a way that you are not physically able to work on several accounts. Moreover, you can not even use the manual and auto surfing in the same time! Of course, you can try, but, at the best, you will not earn points for any of surfing. And one more argument: if several accounts will be detected, all of them will be deleted and you'll loose the opportunity to use JetSwap service.
15. May I join any other similar services?
   - Sure! We have no limits as to participation in other promotion systems.
16. How much do I earn for visiting sites?
   - Amount of points depends on your status and timer of browsing site. For example, customer with SuperActive status, earns 1 point for 30-second site impression in automatic surfing.
17. What is lottery and how to use it?
   - Service provide customers such an opportunity as instant lottery. Participating in this lottery, you get a chance to win from 10 to 10000 points. All depends on your luck. You choose how much would like to win, by your own. But the more you want, the less you have a chance to get what you want. It allways happens... So, you can see the list in which is shown the amount, possible to win, and the percentage of probability, that you will get this gain. Minimal prize - 10 credits - every second participant win it. Maximal - 10000 - will win only one of 2000 participants. The cost of participation in the lottery is fixed, and independent of gain amount, 5.1 points. The result will be displayed instantly. The statistics of wins, you can view here.
18. Is it possible to exchange points to money and what is the rate?
   - For exchenge points to money or money to points, you can use Points Stock. The price of the exchange sets only the Stock, the administration has no effect on the price. You can also use the points redemption tool.
19. Why TopVisit service gives so few visitors to the site?
   - Lots of sites are promoted in service, and day by day the number of sites is increasing. If you are not satisfied with the number of impressions, you can always increase them by using the VIP-promotion.
VIP-promotion - is a special promotion technology in TopVisit service, that gives the priority of your site impressions over sites of other participants. Use this feature when you do not have enough hits, issued by the standard system. All advertisers get VIP-promotion automaticaly. More about VIP-promotion, you can find here.
20. Why I unable to enter account, although the data, I submit is correct?
   - Some times it happens. And the reason for this, basically your browser. First, make sure you enter everything correctly. Use password reminding option for this. If the data entered is correct, try the following:
   * Reboot your browser (close it and open new window).
  * Check whether Cookies is supported by your browser. If so, clear Cookies.
   * Reboot your computer
If after following these steps you still can not log into your account, contact us
21. How to protect your account from undesirable invasion?
   - Unfortunately, there may be cases in which is possible penetration by fraudulent ways of other users into your account. Follow the basic safety rules and you will not have troubles with the safety of your funds.
22. I can't enable transfer points function (or other). Enable, please.
   - To enable any option of your account, please use "Account settings" section. After the request to enable option, PIN will be sent to your contact E-mail, which you must enter to complete the otion activation. For option work correctly, your browser should support Cookies and contact E-Mail should be working.
Administration does not activate these options manualy, you must do it yourself! If you're not receiving a letter with the PIN-code, it means that your E-Mail is not available for our mail service and you have to change the E-Mail
23. I have the Best /SuperActive status, and for visiting the site 0.5 points is credited. Why?
   - 1 point is crediting for 30-second site view im autosurfing mode. If in site settings is declared, that it is to be impressed for 15 seconds, then amount of points you earn, will be less then for 30-second impression, ie 0.5 points. Similarly, for a 300-second visit you will earn 10 points.
24. Why my amount of points constantly decreasing, though I do nothing?
   - Points, on the your account is used to promote your sites. Impressions stats you can see here.
25. Why money, ordered for withdrawal, have not come to my purse in payment system?
   - Perhaps you are too hurry. Typically, transfers are to perform within 5 banking days, Check your specified payment details in operations history, and if they correspond to reality, you will surely get your money. If it is impossible to make a payment, using your payment details (incorrect purse, or suspended account etc), then written-off funds will be returned to your TopVisit account, without taking of the commission for funds withdrawal. If you wish to get your money faster, then check Primary payment processing, when order funds withdrawal.
26. Why I regulary see the message "You don't browse the sites" in surfing?
   - Probably you are using the Opera browser or other, incorrect working with frames. You should use Microsoft Internet Explorer with enabled scripts, graphics, Cookies, Flash.
27. What is frame breaking in surfing?
   - In surfing, user screen is divided into two parts: in upper (top frame) a special system page is loading, which mission is to monitor the implementations of surfing requires: visitor must browse the site with enabled graphics, scripts etc. And in the bottom frame, promoted page is loading. Some sites may break top frame, so visitors can not get a reward for viewing the site. This is prohibited by terms of service, and the owners of these sites are subjecteing to a heavy fine or their accounts are deleting from the system with placing their sites to the black list! Violation can be detected only if you have enabled scripts in your browser (required by terms of service for all the visitors).



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